Alquezar Trail 14 km

Alquezar Trail 14 km


The Alquézar Trail of 14 km. was born with the purpose of bringing the mountain races closer to the majority of the public, who wants to start in the world of the Trail in a very progressive way.

The route is a small loop of 14 km. with departure and arrival in Alquézar, surrounding the Vero River and going through the spectacular route of the catwalks, without a doubt a unique enclave to begin in this sport.


Alquezar to CP1 in Asque

Km. Approx. 8 km – 500 m.+

Start of the route in the town of Alquezar.

After an urban circuit of one kilometer approx. We will go up to the hill of San Lucas from where we will begin the descent to the river Vero and the bridge of Villacantal that crosses it. On the other side we will take the Ravine of Lumos through the dry riverbed and we will go back a few meters to take a path on the left, which after the ascent runs along the crest of the ravine. At the end of the ridge, we will turn south and following several stretches of path we will arrive at a good track near the town of Asque, where we will find the first refreshment station.

From Asque to Alquezar CP2

Km. Approx. 6 km – 350 m.+

We will leave the town of Asque for a track in good condition that after a few kilometers, will leave us on a path that will descend to the Vero River again. We will cross the Baños Bridge and ascend a steep slope to the outskirts of Alquezar. Without reaching the town we will descend again to the Vero channel by a fine path to cross the spectacular route of the footbridges, which goes up the river and then ascends to the town of Alquézar where the goal will be


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Alquezar Trail 14 km


Alquezar Trail 14 km