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Dear runner :)

Welcome to the ninth edition of UTGS, this mail is a summary of the most important aspects that you have to take into account. Please, we ask you to read this information carefully and for any query contact us.

Access to Alquézar: Access to Alquézar by the center will be closed on Friday at 3pm (at the roundabout), only residents can be accessed and housed in establishments that have their own parking, the rest of vehicles will be diverted to the top parking. On Saturday the access by the center will be cut to the circulation being obligatory to enter by the zone of the parking. You have a map of Alquézar with the different key points of the race – MAP

Before the race: Collection of Riders and Identification of riders:

Before collecting the dorsal it is necessary to identify them, for them we will ask for the DNI and once verified your identity we will place an identifying bracelet. Without that bracelet, it will not be possible to enter the exit area.

Once identified you can already collect the number, we will also check that you have federative license or on the contrary you have subscribed the insurance of accidents of the organization.

Finally you will have a table to collect tickets for the Friday dinner and incidents.

Important: The collection of riders on the Ultra Trail 102 km. and Long Trail 52 km. it can only be done on Friday the 6th until 11 at night, if you can not come you can make an authorization to another person to collect your number, you have to attach a photocopy of the ID. You can download it in the authorization model here

Breafing: At 20 h. Friday will be the technical talk of the tour

Rodellar Life Bag: On Saturday, 45 minutes before the departure of the Ultra Trail you can leave a life bag that will be transported to Rodellar. You can leave it in a van located right at the entrance to the exit zone. The bag is your own and to identify it you must use a white ribbon that will be delivered in the bag of the corridor and write your number.

During the race:

External assistance is allowed at checkpoints in Alquézar, Rodellar, Las Bellostas, Mesón de Sevil and Radiquero. In all cases external assistance should be removed from the official point of provision.

Material Required:

There will be no material control prior to departure, but if random checks of material are made during the tour, each rider must carry his own mandatory material. The mandatory material is.

OBLIGATORY MATERIAL ULTRA TRAIL and LONG TRAIL (in case of forecast of bad weather the organization can extend the obligatory material required)

Backpack or equivalent, Jacket with hood that allows to withstand bad weather in mountain and made with impermeable membrane, Warm clothing (thermal t-shirt, polar fleece or similar), Front flashlight and spare batteries, red light of rear position (pilot type of bike), Survival blanket, sun hat or Buff, food that everyone deems necessary, hydration system (min 1L Ultra and 1,5 liters LONG), Mobile phone

MANDATORY MATERIAL TRAIL (in the case of forecasting bad weather the organization can expand the required mandatory material, also can suppress some material if the weather permits)

Backpack or equivalent, jacket windbreaker or raincoat, warm clothing (thermal t-shirt, fleece jacket or similar), Survival blanket, sun cap / buff, hydration system (min 1L), mobile phone
(*) depending on the evolution of the meteo you can order jacket with membrane

Refreshments: You can check the composition of the supplies of each race on the web within the information of each distance.

Time Barriers: Consult the cutting times of each race on the web within the information of each distance, the organization will be very written with the cut times.

Waste: Conservation of the environment is one of our main concerns. Therefore, it is mandatory to carry marked with the number of dorsal all gels, sticks or elements that may be subject to waste, in the controls of random material will be checked that it is properly marked. Likewise, during the cleaning and unsealing, the residues found will be verified and subsequent measurements can be taken.

Activities for companions:

You can see the program of activities for companions HERE


Thank you very much for your collaboration. We hope to see you in Alquézar.