Registrations 2020

Please read carefully the registration conditions before accessing the Registration platform.

Remember that when you sign up you are accepting the regulation of the race.

  • Ultra Trail: 105 euros. 

    Long Trail: 55 euros. 

    Trail: 40 euros. 

    Alquézar Trail: 20 euros. 

    Opening Registrations (all races), Friday, January 31 at 20 h.

  • Ultra Trail: 375 places

    Long Trail: 375 places

    Trail: 375 places

    Alquézar Trail: 375 places

    Procedure: In the process of inscriptions the overbooking is applied, this means that a waiting list will not be enabled once all the places are filled and only those registered who have contracted a cancellation insurance will be discharged.

    On the Alquézar Trail, overbooking is not applied because you do not have the option to purchase cancellation insurance.

  • Accident insurance is compulsory for those who do not have the specific competition accident coverage of the mountain federation card. The amount of accident insurance of the organization is:

    Ultra Trail: 10 euros

    Long Trail: 7 euros

    Trail: 5 euros

    Alquézar Trail: 5 euros

  • The organization puts at your service an Cancellation Insurance that allows you to recover 100% of the registration. The cost of it is 15 euros for the Ultra and 10 euros for the Long and Trail. The Alquézar Trail does not have the option to hire this insurance

    ATTENTION! The cancellation insurance can only be contracted at the time of registration. Once the registration is formalized, it will not be possible to acquire the cancellation insurance in any case.

    Cancellations can be requested from May 1 to August 31, 2020 at 23:59 h. To request the cancellation of the registration you have to write an email to the email 

  • To participate in the Ultra 108 km. It is necessary to prove prior participation in at least one mountain marathon with a specific slope of 2500 positive meters.

    During registration, or up to 2 months before the UTGS, you must fill in the registration form with a link to the classification.

    This information must be validated by the organization before confirming the registration.

  • To participate in the Ultra-Trail 108 km. It is necessary to present a medical certificate. This has been issued up to 12 months before the date of the race.

    The deadline to submit the medical certificate ends on August 31, 2020, this must be attached to the file of each broker to the registration platform, following the procedure you have in this link.

    ** Any runner who has not presented the certificate within the established period will be discharged from the race without being entitled to any type of payment.

    Any type of medical certificate is valid.