Registrations 2017



  • Ultra Trail: 90 euros. Open: 18 de february at 12 h.

    Long Trail: 52 euros. Open: 18 de march at 12  h.

    Trail: 38 euros. Open: 22  de april at 12 h.

    Alquézar Trail: 20 euros. Apertura: XX  de XX a las 12 h. 

  • Ultra Trail: 300 

    Long Trail: 300 

    Trail: 300 

    Alquézar Trail: 200

    Once past the limit of places for each distances a waiting list will be enabled.

    The order of the waiting list will not be published.

  • Accident insurance is mandatory for those without coverage of specific accidents competition card Mountain Federation.

    The amount of accident insurance of the organization are:

    Ultra Trail: 10 euros

    Long Trail: 5 euros

    Trail: 5 euros

    Alquézar Trail: 5 euros

  • The organization puts at your service cancellation insurance which can recover 100% of enrollment. It cost 5 euros for all registrations.

    ATTENTION! The cancellation insurance can be contracted only at the time of enrollment. Once you have completed the registration will not be possible to purchase cancellation insurance in any case.

    Cancellations can be requested from the 1st May until the day August 31, 2017 at 23:59 h. To request cancellation of the registration was to write an email to mail data broker and requesting the return. The amount to be refunded will be the inscription (85, 50 or 35 euros) less the cost of bank management (approx 2.5%)