1. Organization.

The City of Alquezar and AADD Guara Spirit are the official organizers of the Ultra Trail.

2. The race:

This is a race with several paths passing through the famous Sierra de Guara and run along mountain roads, trails and tracks.


Ultra Trail Guara Somontano is a mountain race of approximately 102 km and with 6100 meters of accumulated positive slope. The maximum time to complete the race is 25 hours, long enough to finish the tour walking pace walking with short stops time.

Long Trail Guara Somontano. With a distance of 52 km and 3000 meters positive. Maximum time 12 hours.

Trail Guara Somontano is a reduced version. It has about 38 km. and about 2000 meters positive. Maximum time 9 hours.


3. Dates: 6, 7 and 8 October 2017.

4. Official program (see official program)

5. Refreshments.

During the race, the organization will provide liquid refreshment water based and isotonic drink and some of them will also have solid food.

The content of each refreshment will detail a few days before the race.

It is forbidden to have outside help and be accompanied by others who are not participants enrolled in the trial.

Participants of the Ultra Trail, will be able to lead a “life bag” with spare clothes and extra to the CP located in the village of Rodellar. This bag will be deposited in the start line to a predesignated point and will be transported by the organization. Also the bags are returned to Alquézar once CP Rodellar is closed.


It is allowed to receive outside help in Alquézar control points (CP2), Rodellar (CP5), Las Bellostas (COP 7); Meson de Sevil (COP 9) and Radiquero (CP10), in all these cases the support will be outside the space checkpoint in a designated area for this purpose. Receiving help outside of these checkpoints is cause for penalty.


Waste: The conservation of the environment is one of our main concerns. Therefore, you must wear marked with the number of dorsal all gels, bars or elements that may be subject to waste, controls random check material that is properly marked. Also during cleaning and waste found deframing be checked being able to take action afterwards.

6. Map and Road-Book.

In the web site all the information regarding of the race will be published . The organization advises that runners printed documentation to take during the race to help track the route. There are many kilometers and the organization can not foresee boycott actions of some unscrupulous. The entire route runs along paths and tracks clearly visible and marked properly by the organization.

7. Passage controls (CP).

Participants must necessarily pass through the CP that will be clearly visible. In each CP there will be staff of the organization and electronic verification system to check the passage of the runners. Participants are responsible for ensuring verify step for each CP. A broom organization team will travel closing the race. We must always follow the directions of staff and security organization.

8. Security.

The organization placed at certain points along the route and at checkpoints, specialized personnel to ensure the safety of participants. You must follow the instructions of the staff who will be properly identified. In case of withdrawal must be communicated as soon as possible to the staff of the organization, if not the organization prohibit their participation in subsequent editions. There will be medical personnel and ambulances at strategic points along the route to intervene if necessary. Should weather conditions warrant, there will be an alternative route which is conveniently communicated prior to the race breafing. If the change to the alternative route is decided one after departure, the participants will be communicated at the appropriate point of control. There is also a rescue and evacuation plan if necessary. A broom team closing the race will check the passing of all participants.

Action protocol in case of accident:

In the case of finding a bumpy or troubled corridor should be aid immediately. Not doing so involves the immediate disqualification of the race.

At first you have to make an initial assessment of the situation and / or injuries.

In the case of suspect that there may be a broken bone, not move the injured and seek help.

Search telephone coverage or control point nearest to the position of the injured organization.

Notify them via phone to the organization (the phone is listed on the bibs of the riders) and report on the situation.

If the problem is serious, call directly to the 112 emergency phone.

Use first aid techniques to properly treat the injured or assist as much as possible until the arrival of aid and avoids leaving only the injured. .

9. Overview.

There will be facilities changing rooms and showers for after the race.

The organization is not responsible for accidents or damage that may receive or produce participants, although it will ensure to avoid them.

The organization reserves the right to modify the rules of Ultra-TRAIL or suspend it before an event or force majeure (extreme weather conditions) or change its route.

Participants follow the instructions given to them by the organization.

By entering, each entrant accepts unreservedly these regulations, ethics of the race and the accompanying regulations.

10. Limits times.

During the tour there will be a time limit to go through the CP, these times are calculated to end in the maximum schedule. will not be allowed to continue exceeding these time barriers. Those who want to follow them remove the dorsal, and may continue out of the race and under his responsibility. In case of bad weather or for reasons of security conditions, the organization reserves the right to stop the race, change the route or vary the time limits.

11. Withdrawals and return to Alquezar.

Withdrawals can only be made at any CP. All check point will have vehicles for evacuation.

In case of need for evacuation by accident or injury that prevents the approximation walk to one of the turning points, it should attempt to notify the organization by all possible means contacting someone in control or security assistance to enable rescue operation. Those who leave must obligatorily notify the Organization through a control or by contacting the Center Organization through the phone number that will be communicated to participants. The organization will provide return vehicles on arrival at the point of abandonment. There will only be a trip so the return will be made at the end of control. There is telephone coverage in many points along the route.

12. Conditions of the participants.

Both the Ultra Trail and Long Trail for the minimum age to participate is 18 years old.

Trail for the participation of children between 16 and 18 years as long as they are accompanied by an adult to be responsible for him for the entire journey is permitted.

To exit each runner shall have appropriate material to withstand the very conditions of the race and the required material ordered by the organization.

13. Mandatory equipment.

Each participant will have to ensure their own safety, the following mandatory material.

There will be no material control before departure, if not that different points of the course material random checks will be made.

Each runner must portage their own material, if it is detected that a broker is mandatory porteando other material will be disqualifying.

MANDATORY MATERIAL ULTRA TRAIL (in case of bad weather forecast the organization can extend the compulsory equipment required)

Backpack or equivalent
windbreaker or raincoat
Warm clothes (thermal shirt, fleece jacket or the like)
Headlamp and extra batteries
red rear position lamp (type bike rider)
Survival blanket
Sun hat or Buff
Food that everyone considers necessary
hydration system (min. 1L)
Mobile phone

MANDATORY MATERIAL LONG TRAIL (in case of bad weather forecast the organization can extend the compulsory equipment required)

Backpack or equivalent
windbreaker or raincoat
Warm clothes (thermal shirt, fleece jacket or the like)
Survival blanket
Sun hat or Buff
Food that everyone considers necessary
hydration system (min. 1L)
Mobile phone

REQUIRED MATERIAL TRAIL (for bad weather forecast organization may expand the required binding material also you may suppress any material if weather permitting)

Backpack or equivalent
windbreaker or raincoat
Warm clothes (thermal shirt, fleece jacket or the like)
Survival blanket
Sun hat / Buff
hydration system (min. 1L)
Mobile phone

14. Supplementary Material recommended.

Pants or tights, below the knee
0.5L drums big mouth for easy filling up
High power headlamp to see better at night
telescopic poles
Shirt and socks parts
Altimeter watch
Mini kit: elastic bandage bandage / tapping (80 x 3cm), antiseptic.

15. Desqualifications.

No aid and assist a runner in need
No pass and score by crossing points (CP)
Improprieties regarding the compulsory equipment
Littering or waste
Offenses against the environment
Disobeying safety guidelines set out by the organization
Use any transport
(See full list in Table of Disqualifications and penalties at the end of regulation in Annex 1).

16. Categories.


Absolute men
Absolute women
Senior men < 40 years
Senior woman < 40 years
Veteran men 40 and < 50 years
Veteran women 40 and < 50 years
Master men > 50 years
Master women > 50 years

In addition, FOR TRAIL.

Sub 23 male
Sub 23 female

17. Registrations.

Inscriptions exclusively online on the web strict order of registration.

limited to a maximum of 850 participants from the three races (300 Ultra, 300 Long Trail, 300 Trail and XX ).

Registration opens on February, 2017 and will close on September 26 to 24 h. or exceeded the limit of places.

If the limit of seats will exceed a waiting list you will be enabled in order to cover possible losses.

Registration amounts will be:

Ultra trail: 90 €
Long Trail 52 €
Trail 38 €

The organization offers riders cancellation insurance that allows to recover the cost of registration (see conditions)

Registration includes:

Participation in the race
commemorative gift
Detail finisher in the ultra trail
Refreshments during the race.
Closing appetizer
Accident insurance is mandatory for those without coverage of specific accidents mountain racing federation. The amount of accident insurance organization is 10 € for the Ultra Trail and 5 € for the Long Trail and Trail.

Reference Race: In order to participate in the Ultra-Trail® the participant have to accredit the participation in a race at least 42 km. away and 2,000 meters positive in the last two years before the race. For the Long Trail the participant hace to accredit at least an mountain half-marathon.

18. Responsibilities.

Participants to fill in the registration form and accept these rules, recognized to be in perfect physical conditions for sports and specifically to test in which enrolled. It is the responsibility of the corridor itself be relevant periodic medical examinations to ensure that no risk to compromise their health with their participation in the race. They bear the decision to take the start and completion of the race. Participants relieve the organization of the responsibility of having any physical problems that may occur during participation in any of the different modes of UTGS

19. Rights.

The organization exclusive rights to the images, taking and collecting photographs, video and testing information reserves, in which all participants are involved, and to use this material for advertising, public relations or any other journalistic purposes or promoting the event. Any media or advertising project must have prior consent of the organization.

20. Data protection.

Under the Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, knowing full participant to the UTGS it makes their personal data are incorporated into an automated file responsibility of the Guara Spirit Association, CIF G22385496 that you can make use of it for promotional purposes related to the nature of the event that has registered the participant. If you want to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition can contact the owner of them by sending an email to

21. Modifications.

These rules may be amended, modified or improved at any time by the organization. The fact of registration of the participant shows compliance with this regulation.


Annex 1 Table of Disqualifications and Penalties


Exceeding the limit time of a CP
Going through roads or highways unauthorized
Unauthorised carriage
Dispose of excess during the race
Not respecting the natural environment
Breaches of the rules of the Natural Park
Disobeying safety guidelines set out by the organization
No help a participant requesting
Ask for help without need it
Outside assistance outside the designated control points
Accompanied by a broker without being registered in the race
Compulsory portage material from another broker


Backpack or equivalent. 1 HOUR
windbreaker jacket or windbreaker. 1 HOUR
Warm clothes (thermal shirt, fleece jacket or the like). 1 HOUR
Headlamp. 1 HOUR
red rear position lamp (type bike rider). 1 HOUR
Survival blanket. 1 HOUR
Mobile phone. 2 HOURS
Backpack or equivalent. 1 HOUR
windbreaker jacket or windbreaker. 1 HOUR
Warm clothes (thermal shirt, fleece jacket or the like). 1 HOUR
Survival blanket. 1 HOUR
Mobile phone. 2 HOURS