UTGS 102 km. – TEAMS modality

TEAMS modality

As a novelty in the 2023 edition, we are launching the UTGS by teams.

Mixed teams of 2 or 3 people can participate. The only condition is to pass the controls and the goal all team members at the same time.

UTGS Team Regulations

** This regulation is an annex to the main regulation.

Teams may be of 2 or 3 persons, in mixed format.

Maximum number of teams – 20

Registration fee – 100 euros per team member

There will be a team classification, with a podium prize for the first team classified.

All team members must ride together at all times and must cross the finish line together.

If any team member drops out, the team is disqualified, although the remaining team members who remain in the race will be included in the individual standings.

All team members will be counted in the individual ranking.