UTGS Trail School

In 2019 we started a new exciting project. After 10 years of Ultra-Trail Guara Somontano we proudly see how the new generations of boys and girls from Alquézar and the area are motivated by this beautiful sport of the Trail, for this reason, under the umbrella of the UTGS, we created a Trail School for the little ones.

The goal of creating this Trail school is to train great people, seek socialization, enjoy running and learning, respecting the environment, all in a group as it is always more fun.

We will be like a family, in the group everyone will try to help each other, for any child it is enriching to share experiences with people of the same age and level, to motivate us, of a higher age and level, to make an effort and learn from them, and of a higher age and lower level, to help, advise, teach and encourage them.

The seed we began to plant in 2009 is beginning to bear fruit.

Team Manager: Susana Bagüeste

Coach: Nestor Arilla

Hipólita, our pet